FAQ - MFA Taekwon-Do

1. Question :  Am I or my children suitable for Teakwon-Do?
Answer :  Teakwon-Do is suitable for people of any age from 5 years old onwards provided he/she is able to follow instructions.
2. Question :  I have light asthma or heart attack, can I practice Teakwon-Do?
Answer :  Yes, Teakwon-Do is like other normal sport activities, if you can do normal sport activities, you can practice Teakwon-Do.
3. Question :  How many levels are there in Teakwon-Do and how long do I need to achieve a black belt 1st dan Level?
Answer :  From color belt to black belt there are 10 Levels in Teakwon-Do. For adult, normally it will take about 3-4 years to reach a black belt 1st dan.
4. Question :  What are we learn from Taekwon-Do?
Answer :  You can LEARN the below skills and techniques in the Taekwon-Do class:
  • All different kind of kicking and hand techniques (attack and defence)
  • Self-defence Techniques
  • Self-Control
  • Many kind of Taekwon-Do Pattern
  • Stamina build-up and physical training
5. Question :  What are the benefits in training Taekwon-Do?
Answer :  You may BENEFIT in:-
  • Prossess strong and healthy body
  • Enrich your life and time
  • Able to perform self-defence technique
  • Understand the meaning of Life from martial art
  • Able to release tensions.
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