Up-Grading Test

The MFA Upgrading Test is the standard method for student to upgrade their belt level. Participants are required to demonstrate their Taekwon-Do skill to the instructors and examiners according to the syllabus. This is to see whether you are good enough to move up the next belt level. Also participants will receive the feedback from instructors and examiners to help the student in continual improvement and learning.

To be eligible for the color belt Up-Grading Test, the students must meet the following criteria:-

  1. Training Consistently.
    • Adult (above 12 years old), they need consistently training for at least 4 months or 32 training hours.
    • Children (below 12 years old), they need consistently training for at least 8 months or 64 training hours.
    • Note: Training hours will be calculated based on your class attendance.

  2. Class Teacher Recommendation.
    • Participant need to have the approval from class teacher.

  3. Complete the exam application form.
    • Participant who eligible for the Up- Grading Test will receive the exam application form from your class teacher. Participant need to complete the exam application form and submit it to the class teacher before the deadline.
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