Specification Of MFA

Malaysia Taekwondo MFA Certificate

Up-Grading Certificate

Student will get a certificate after passed the up-grading test. This learning effort's record may be an important testimonial for them in future.

Malaysia Taekwondo MFA Professional Instructors

Professional Instructors

We have sufficient instructors in every class to take care and teaching. MFA want to ensure student are in right way of Taekwon-Do.

Malaysia Taekwondo MFA Systematic Training

Systematic Training

All students are teaching according the designed step-by-step up-grading syllabus to make sure they are growing right in Taekwon-Do.

Malaysia Taekwondo MFA Plentiful Activities

Plentiful Activities

Every year MFA student will have opportunities to participate in different kind of activities, Such as seminar, demonstration and etc.

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